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What the Fire Damage Did Not Ruin, The Water Did in Bethel

A Bethel condominium had a large amount of fire damage, and the significant amounts of water needed to extinguish the fire ruined the building materials that di... READ MORE

Norwalk Business Needs Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

When a water heater tank failed in an upper level of this Norwalk business, the result was commercial water damage. SERVPRO techs extracted the water and scoped... READ MORE

Danbury Gymnasium Gets Commercial Water Damage from Sprinkler System

When this gymnasium in Danbury received heavy water damage from a sprinkler system, SERVPRO technicians arrived quickly to extract the water from the concrete s... READ MORE

New Milford Basement Office Has Commercial Water Damage

A sump pump failure caused commercial water damage in this New Milford basement office resulting in loss to the floor. The glue down carpet over the concrete sl... READ MORE

Extensive Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup in Bethel

When this manufacturing plant in Bethel received commercial fire damage, SERVPRO technicians arrived to perform the cleanup quickly. They covered the undamaged ... READ MORE

House Flood after major Storm

Heavy rains fell in the Danbury, CT area leaving this home flooded. There was significant amount of water in the home along with a lot of wet, ruined content o... READ MORE

Cafeteria Water Loss in Brookfield, CT

This large area suffered from a significant water loss. There was water running in every direction possible, soaking under flooring and drywall. The extent of... READ MORE

Drywall demolition and Rebuild in Newton, CT

Water is often present after a fire. Either the firefighters will use it to put out the fire or the fire sprinklers will go off. The water extraction process be... READ MORE

Rebuilding a Home after Fire Damage in New Milford, CT

SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield Provides Building Services After a devastating house fire there are times when the whole home needs to be restored. Our offices ... READ MORE

Hardwood Floor Drying in Bethel, CT

When your home or business sustains water damage, trust the professionals at SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield to help restore your property. Here we installed an I... READ MORE