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Preserving Ridgefield’s History and Architecture

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

Drying equipment with hoses in kitchen. Did you experience water damage in your home? Call SERVPRO to mitigate your water damage needs in your home.

SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield Restores Ridgefield Homes After Water-Related Disasters Occur

Ridgefield is a New England town packed with history and classic New England charm. This bustling Fairfield County locale was first incorporated in 1709, a year after English settlers from nearby Milford and Norwalk purchased the land from the Ramapo tribe’s chieftain, Catoonah. American history enthusiasts, particularly those with a keen interest in the Revolutionary War, are sure to find plenty to pique their interest here.

Ridgefield is home to a wealth of beautifully preserved historical locations that are registered on the National Register of Historic Places, including:

  • The Keeler Tavern and the Phineas Chapman Lounsbury House on Main Street, the latter of which is also referred to as the Ridgefield Veterans Memorial Community Center
  • The French army’s march route, led by Comte Rochambeau in 1781, on Ridgebury Road. On the same road lies the Ridgebury Congregational Church
  • The Branchville Railroad Tenement on Old Main Highway

Other historic houses on the register include the Benedict House and Shop, the Frederic Remington House, the Thomas Hyatt House, and the Lewis June House. Ridgefield is also home to the Hugh Cain Fulling Mill and Elias Glover Woolen Mill Archaeological Site, which houses industrial remains dating back to the American Revolution.

The Battle of Ridgefield and the Keeler Tavern

On April 27, 1777, Ridgefield turned from a quaint New England town into a battleground for American and British soldiers. The British, led by the Royal Governor of New York, Major General William Tyron, first destroyed supplies meant for George Washinton’s troops in Danbury before advancing toward Compo Beach. Seven hundred militiamen on what is now Main Street fended off the British forces. They chased them down to Westport, where the Redcoats expected to contact their ships on the coast.

Key figures in this battle included:

  • Brigadier Generals Gold Selleck Silliman and Benedict Arnold
  • Major General David Wooster, who led the Connecticut militia along with Silliman and Arnold

While Benedict Arnold is known for defecting to the British military in 1780, his years of military experience and leadership during the Battle of Ridgefield were crucial to staving off British soldiers in the town and inflicting casualties as the troops marched back to Compo Beach.

The British achieved their tactical goals in reaching their ships in Westport. Still, the skirmishes at Ridgefield united American troops and irregulars alike with allies like the French, who would be instrumental in the defeat of King George III’s army.

To this day, the Keeler Tavern has a British cannonball lodged in a post as a proud reminder of the endurance of the American troops and their allies. Visitors can find out more about the Battle of Ridgefield at the Keeler Tavern Museum, which was established in a property built in 1713 after Timothy Keeler purchased his grandfather’s home. 

In the mid-twentieth century, the Keeler Tavern Preservation Society eventually garnered the funds to purchase the original home and open the Keeler Tavern Museum in 1966.

The French Army in Ridgefield

King Louis XVI of France sent his army to assist, led by General Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, the Comte of Rochambeau. The French aid, especially Comte de Rochambeau’s men, was crucial to leading American soldiers to victory in the Battle of Yorktown in 1781.

 Without the aid of the well-trained French military backing the American Continental Army, Lord Cornwallis may well have won in Yorktown. However, over 20,000 French infantry and seamen came to the aid of 9,000 American troops led by George Washington. In Ridgefield, Rochambeau and his men made camp in the fields near the Congregational Church that still stands to this day.

Comte de Rochambeau’s legacy has lived on in many ways:

  • His son, Donatien-Marie-Joseph de Vimeur, Vicomte of Rochambeau, played a crucial role in several pivotal military campaigns and revolutions of his own, including the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, and the Haitian Revolution.
  • Several locations across the U.S. are named after the Comte, including a middle school in Southbury, a bridge spanning across the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., and a French international school in Bethesda, Maryland. Connecticut, in particular, has many locales throughout the state named in Rochambeau’s honor.
  • The Comte is also referenced in the acclaimed Broadway musical Hamilton in two songs: “Guns and Ships” and “Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down).”

How Do SERVPRO Professionals Deodorize Water Damage in Ridgefield Homes?

What sets SERVPRO apart from other water restoration companies in Ridgefield is its unique combination of locally-owned and operated locations with access to large-scale education, tools, and resources to maintain a high standard for cleanup and restoration.

This commitment to a comprehensive cleaning is especially crucial for odor control after water damage has affected a property. Odors are frequently one of the early signs not just of water damage but of potential microbial growth on a property.

SERVPRO Odor Control Technicians (OCTs) take the following into account when determining what methods are ideal for deodorization:

  • Whether affected carpeting can be easily lifted for odor removal, if not, technicians rely on injection systems to deodorize carpet and pad.
  • If mold odors are present after the initial round of deodorization procedures has been implemented, OCTs may rely on sealers to encapsulate and mitigate odor-causing residues.
  • The size and openness of the area affected by unpleasant odors determine the equipment and materials best suited to mitigation. A burst pipe in an open kitchen, for example, may require the use of an ultra low-volume fogger for more efficient deodorization.

Odor control measures are crucial to returning a water-damaged home to a preloss state that looks and feels clean. SERVPRO technicians receive extensive education and training on industrial-grade deodorization tools best suited to a diverse array of situations.

SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield provides homeowners with Faster To Any Size Disaster mitigation and restoration services when they call (203) 791-0920.

Partake in Sunday Morning Tabletop Gaming Over Brunch in Danbury

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

Gym in basement with water line cuts to prevent anymore water damage. Having water damage issues in your basement or anywhere else in your home? Call SERVPRO for the water mitigation specialists for help now.

The Danbury Library Hosts Sunday Morning Bruncheons & Dragons

The Danbury Library is proud to host a weekly brunchtime tabletop gaming event for adults new to Dungeons & Dragons. Join Dungeon Master Miguel on diverse and well-crafted adventures on Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m., including December 6, 13, and 20.

  • The game is virtual, so all participants and curious spectators need to do to participate is hop on Discord
  • This event is held over Discord, a popular Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and messaging app
  • Registration is necessary to participate. Adults 18 years or older are permitted to attend

According to data collected by tabletop game publisher Wizards of the Coast, as many as 40 million people have played Dungeons & Dragons since the 1990s. As new editions have been released, the game has become more comfortable and more accessible than ever, contributing to its surge in popularity in recent years.

SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield performs storm-related water extraction for Danbury basement disasters and structural and contents restoration. Call (203) 791-0920 to return your home to a preloss condition.

Danbury Veterans Participate in Saturday Evening Yoga

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

Improve Health and Wellness with Hatha Yoga at the Danbury War Memorial

Danbury’s own Breanna Taylor hosts Saturday evening yoga sessions for veterans to participate in at the memorial on War Memorial Drive. Available dates include November 30 and December 7, 14, 21, and 28, from 6:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. This course is designed with all skill levels in mind, including both retired veterans and active-duty military.

Yoga offers a host of health benefits for veterans and active members of the armed forces, including:

  • Promotes a sense of peace and calm through breathing exercises and low-impact physical conditioning
  • Hatha yoga is recommended as an aid for anxiety and coping with post-traumatic stress, joint pain, and other conditions
  • Activities like yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises are proven to lower the production of stress hormones

Entry is $5 for veterans and $10 for walk-in participants. A portion of proceeds received is donated as a wellness offering to veterans.

SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield provides mold removal services for Danbury properties at all hours, including weekends and holidays, when you call (203) 791-0920.

Attention Danbury, CT, Dungeons & Dragons Fans - Don’t Miss Bruncheons & Dragons!

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration vehicles in front of indoor arena No matter the size scope of your restoration emergency, SERVPRO is available 24/7.

This Live Virtual Program Bruncheons & Dragons is Filled with Whimsical Fun for Local D & D Enthusiasts

If you are a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, then you can take your love for the game and this whimsical world a bit further with the Bruncheons & Dragons live-streaming events through the Danbury Library via Discord. Participants are encouraged to join local Danbury, CT, Dungeon Master Miguel while interacting with other players navigating this realm. This role-playing game includes slaying monsters and completing quests during the brunch hour.

  • Date: Sunday, November 8, 2020
  • Time: From 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Where: Online via Discord
  • Cost: Free for all participants – pre-registration is recommended
  • This event is BYOB (Bring Your Own Brunch) and intended for participation by adults 18 years and older

SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield loves to see the community enjoying fun, interactive activities. We are the number one choice in the area for fire cleanup, including IICRC-certified technicians and advanced equipment. If you need help after a fire breaks out in your home, contact our team by calling (203) 791-0920. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster, and we can send a team out in as little as a few hours from your initial phone call.

Do Homeowners Have to Wait for Floodwater to Recede Before Cleanup Happens?

10/20/2020 (Permalink)

standing water on hardwood floor; debris littered in room When a storm damaged this home, the owners called SERVPRO. We made the home, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Techs Have the Equipment to Handle Deep Water Situations in Danbury Homes 

When floodwater enters a Danbury residence and is clearly becoming more than a mop and towel cleanup job, you can bring in SERVPRO. In fact, the faster you begin the restoration process, the more potential there is to save things from requiring disposal. In situations such as flooding from a tropical storm or hurricane, it can be days before the water begins to recede because there is simply nowhere for it to go.

Can Homeowners Save Anything in Their Homes After Extreme Flood Damage?

When the flood damage that flows into your Danbury home involves standing water, the situation is difficult, but not necessarily everything requires disposal. SERVPRO technicians use both submersible and truck-mounted pumps to remove the water quickly so they can begin inspecting items in the room for restoration potential. 

Staging areas get set up, so the scoping of articles removed from the room can get looked at and cleaned in an organized fashion. Items with the best potential for reuse after coming into floodwater are:

  • Glass and ceramic items that can withstand sanitizing
  • Washable fabrics
  • Non-porous items these generally undergo immersion cleaning 

The ability to find some silver lining because some things are restorable helps homeowners find some positive aspects of the stressful situation. Items that frequently require disposal after coming into contact with floodwater are:

  • Paper products
  • Anything with mold
  • Furniture with water damage
  • Porous items that absorbed the water 

Consumer electronics do not usually fare well after exposure to water.  However, on a case-by-case basis, SERVPRO can arrange for the devices to be inspected and repaired by an electronics expert; testing devices beforehand is never advised as there is the danger of shock or permanent destruction of the device. 

The articles removed from the worksite have two primary destinations. Each item goes to either the staging area for restoration or another place where the techs document the item's condition in a report and photograph it. This information gets given to the homeowner to help them with filing and, hopefully expediting, any insurance claims associated with the water damage to the structure and contents.

The electricity being off in the property does not hinder the restoration services in the slightest. SERVPRO techs bring their own generators to power their equipment. After removing the water from the home, the techs remove the deteriorated portions of sheetrock using flood cuts as needed. Then they remove ruined carpet or hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring tends to lose its grip with the substrate after exposure to water and may even be floating on the floodwater surface. There is one type of flooring that has the potential to withstand this type of water damage. Ceramic tile with sealed grout lines gets scoped to determine if any seepage occurred; if the seal remained intact, this flooring type can dry in place and save the homeowner the cost of replacement. 

Drying a Danbury home, particularly one without working electricity, can seem daunting. SERVPRO techs create the following configurations regularly to ensure the house dries quickly and air quality improves while that process goes on using equipment such as:

  • Centrifugal air movers to deliver high-velocity airflow
  • Dehumidification equipment to capture and port away water vapor
  • High-powered heating units to increase the interior temperature
  • Air scrubbers to capture any airborne particulate, including mold spores 

The techs use their moisture detection equipment to check both the interior air and structure during the drying phase of the restoration to make sure the property is drying as intended. This attention to detail ensures that the area gets dried entirely and then prepped for the needed repairs. 

Most floodwater has a strong, pungent odor, and this gets compounded when the water comes in due to a tropical storm or hurricane. SERVPRO technicians clean the structure thoroughly after drying, and this goes a long way towards eliminating odors. If there are any scents left lingering in the property, the techs have many methods to use to neutralize residual odors at the molecular level, never to return. 

At this time, a detailed inspection to look for the presence of any opportunistic mold growth occurs and gets dealt with as needed. The techs have access to professional-grade antimicrobial cleaning agents and sealants to treat any areas prone to mold damage such as wood studs and exposed framework. 

Call SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield at (203) 791-0920 when storms leave flood damage in your home. The certified technicians arrived quickly and turned around the damage in your home to make it, "Like it never even happened."

How Does Soot Removal Work?

10/14/2020 (Permalink)

smoke entering room under door; flames also seen Even small fires cause smoke and soot damage throughout the house. We have the cleaners to remediate the damage.

Soot and Smoke Residue in Your Redding Home is No Match for SERVPRO’s Fire Damage Restoration Techniques 

The condition of your Redding interior after a fire depends on several factors. Even a small fire in your kitchen can leave you with immense soot and smoke residue that is tough to clean up with DIY methods alone. Calling in the help of skilled restoration technicians ensures your home is back to pre-fire condition faster so that your family can get on with your routine as before. SERVPRO is available all hours of the day and night to come and begin the process of boarding up or tarping, followed by proven restoration measures. Just give us a quick call to dispatch a crew to get to work. 

Does Soot and Odor Go Hand-In-Hand? 

When called to help clean up fire damage in Redding, we must address charred debris, moisture left from the water that extinguished the blaze, and the remaining soot and smoke residue. Because soot is acidic, it may cause surface areas to corrode, and you will have pungent odors that only get stronger the more that time passes. We address odorous soot and smoke particles as part of our restoration efforts by: 

  • Soft-brushing or vacuuming to pull up particulates from a variety of surfaces.
  • Wet or dry cleaning methods, selected based on material and soot type.
  • Thermal fogging technology that works by heating a deodorant agent to put out a fine mist. This mist penetrates materials and helps to pull out odorous particulates.
  • Walls or HVAC system ductwork can get sealed using a specialized primer to help eliminate odors. 

Will We Have to Worry About Indoor Air Quality? 

SERVPRO has a range of filtration tools and equipment to pull soot and odorous particles from the air. Whether we use air scrubbers or powerful HEPA filtration via our hydroxyl generators, we ensure that your interior has the indoor air quality (IAQ) you need to keep your family safe from health hazards. 

When you need help with fire damage, you can trust that our team at SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield will get the job done. To have a restoration crew dispatched to your property, give us a call at (203) 791-0920.

Is Safety an Issue Once Mold Is Suspected in a Commercial Building?

10/2/2020 (Permalink)

"Mold" If your business is overtaken by mold you need to call the professionals. Call SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

SERVPRO Can Come to Danbury Offices to Perform an Inspection and Formulate a Plan for Safe Mold Remediation.

There can be several causes for mold growth within a Danbury business. You may have hidden issues with your HVAC system, or there could be a slow leak within the plumbing system. Whenever there is an increase in moisture and the relative humidity within your commercial space gets higher than usual, this creates the ultimate breeding ground for microbial growth and mold colonization. It is best to have trained technicians to come in for a closer look so that you can get the prompt, reliable remediation that your business needs.

What Are the Dangers of Mold?

When SERVPRO gets a call for mold remediation in Danbury, we take it very seriously.  We know that you count on your commercial space's interior to be safe for all staff, clients, and vendors that pass through the doors. Not only can mold cause potential health effects, but you also need to consider the costs involved for damaged building materials that might need replacing. 

Mold is present in all buildings, but it remains dormant until moisture feeds growth. We come into your business to determine the cause of the mold and then work on expert cleanup. 

  • Dry ice blasting works well on larger areas infested with mold. These high-pressure carbon dioxide pellets work to scrape mold from surfaces before turning into gas for minimal mess.
  • Soda blasting is another option, which helps to safely remove mold so that our technicians can suction it up safely.

Whichever method we choose to use, our team always wears personal protective equipment (PPE) for our safety and limits cross-contamination. We also create containment barriers with the help of plastic sheeting to cordon off the mold-infested zone. This helps limit mold spore circulation and keeps debris from spreading into unaffected areas of your commercial space.

Contact SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield whenever you need help with skilled mold remediation. With a phone call to (203) 791-0920, we can have a crew at your business within hours to get started.

What Kinds of Residues Need Restoration Services in My Redding Home After Fire Damage?

9/27/2020 (Permalink)

soot covered kitchen Fire damage in your home can be a nuisance to you and your family. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation services.

Soiling on Surfaces Due to Smoke and Soot Is Very Different from Ordinary Dirt and Grime, but SERVPRO Has Strategies and Solutions for Delivering Fire Restoration to Redding Residents

The mud tracked into your Redding home, or the dust floating on air currents before settling are both reasonably easy to clean up. With the addition of equipment like vacuums, dusters, and mops, consumer products, and supplies clear away the bulk of the day-to-day dirt. The same cannot be said of the residues coating surfaces after a household fire.

What Makes Up the Residues that Coat Surfaces After a Fire?

The soot that fire restoration targets in Redding homes comprises incompletely combusted building materials and household contents. Depending on the type of materials burned, professionals categorize the coatings as:

  • Dry Soot

Produced by hot, fast-spreading burning of paper and wood, this type of soot is loose and ashy, responding well to mechanical cleanup methods like dusting, brushing, dry sponging, blowing pressurized air, and vacuuming.

Produced when plastics, rubber, wiring, textiles, and padding smolder, this type of soot sticks to surfaces, requiring trained technicians to match the soiling (water or oil-based) with like-based cleaning agents. Spray and wipe or careful agitation is frequently necessary to dislodge the residues from surfaces.

  • Protein-Based Soot

Produced during kitchen fires, this coating is thinly spread, transparent, and tenaciously adhered. It is made up of dehydrated foods, grease, and oils, incredibly malodorous because of the rancidity reached when proteins react to high temperatures. SERVPRO technicians often select solvents and abrasives to break the bond between the soiling and the surfaces affected.

Depend on the experts at SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield to complete fire restoration successfully, transforming the damaged surfaces and spaces to preloss condition, “Like it never even happened.” Call us 24/7 at (203) 791-0920, so we can get to work for the best outcomes.

Click here for more information about Redding.

How Fast Should A Homeowner Start Water Mitigation Processes in an Inundated Ridgefield Home?

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

Restoration equipment stacked inside SERVPRO vehicle; more restoration equipment stacked beside vehicle Water damage? SERVPRO is prepared with restoration equipment and experienced technicians. Call us today!

SERVPRO Commits to Reach Affected Properties Within Four Hours to Ensure We Halt the Deterioration of the Materials Exposed to Water 

Although water spills in Ridefield can happen as you attend to other important matters, you should not delay restoration. Passage of time can worsen the situation leading to expensive repair bills. When SERVPRO takes over the restoration task, Ridgefield homeowners do not have to worry about the interruptions such an incident can present since we handle all aspects.    

How much delay is enough to complicate water mitigation efforts in Ridgefield?  

Any delay has a negative impact since deterioration starts within minutes and continues over hours, days, or weeks that follow if you take that long to take action. The problems that develop within minutes include: 

  • Furniture in saturated areas leaching, causing stains in carpets  
  • Furniture finishes turning white if they are moisture sensitive
  • Dyes in fabrics or upholstery run 

In most cases, it is hard to respond instantly to a water loss incident, especially when it involves significant amounts of water. What you should not hesitate to do is contact a restoration company so that they can arrange to reach your property before further deterioration after hours or days of exposure. 

What kind of damage should be expected after hours of exposure? 

  • Saturated carpets delaminate
  • Household odors become glaringly obvious, amplified by humidity
  • Wooden furniture and installations swell 

Most of these problems are permanent, thus necessitating replacement of the affected items. Our SERVPRO technicians find ways to prevent these problems. For instance, we mix water-based deodorizers with cleaning solutions to eliminate any foul odor immediately. We also use advanced moisture control procedures such as tented drying to reverse swelling in wood and prevent cracking. 

Seeking help immediately after water spills can prevent severe outcomes. Call SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield at (203) 791-0920 to help deal with any incident, “Like it never even happened.”

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How Can I Get Water Damage Out of My Carpet in Danbury?

9/21/2020 (Permalink)

Water leaking and flooded on wood parquet floor SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield provides emergency-response service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster when you call (203) 791-0920.

Restoration Pros at SERVPRO Ensure That Water Damage in Danbury Homes Looks, “Like it never even happened.”

Whether you are a homeowner in Danbury or elsewhere, water damage can quickly become overwhelming without the right tools for the job. All it takes is a pinhole leak in a pipe or an accidental bathtub overflow to soak through your flooring and potentially impact your subfloors, which can lead to costly repairs.

SERVPRO technicians are available day and night to ensure that residents in Danbury can access water removal services when they need them. What sets SERVPRO apart from the competition is a dedication to adhering to both Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards as well as the expectations set out by the firm itself.

How Does Water Impact My Home’s Carpet?

• Staining. Water can quickly stain carpeting as it seeps into the fibers due to the presence of microbes and sediments.
Microbial growth. The longer your carpet is exposed to water, the more likely it is to have enough mold to create unpleasant stains and odors. It only takes 24 to 48 hours after initial exposure for this to occur.
• Warping. Moisture impacts carpeting, pad, and even wood floors and subfloors underneath carpet over time. This warping intensifies with time, and prolonged exposure may necessitate replacement of carpet instead of restoration.

What Tools Does SERVPRO Use to Extract Water from Carpet?

SERVPRO technicians have access to a multitude of tools that can preserve carpet and pad, including the following:
• Portable, back-mounted extractors
• Rover vacuum extractors and industrial-grade shop vacs
• Extraction wands for precision moisture removal

While extraction requires thoroughness to ensure that carpeting is preserved, moisture exposure weakens carpet and pad over time. SERVPRO professionals are careful to avoid delamination of carpeting—that is, the separation of carpet from pad due to over-extraction—whenever possible.

SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield provides emergency-response service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster when you call (203) 791-0920.