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Skilled Water Restoration in Danbury Saves Countless Businesses

5/18/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Vans SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield is here for you.

Danbury Water Restoration Firms Do Several Things 

Once preventative measures have been taken following a significant water event, impacted Danbury businesses generally require substantial restorative efforts. This essential work is necessary to return commercial establishments to their pre-event state and enable them to resume normal operations. Ultimately, restoration aims to repair, replace, or rebuild damaged contents and structural elements.

SERVPRO®, a leading remediation firm, believes it is useful to know what most commercial water restoration projects in Danbury involve. Many business owners do not understand the water damage remediation process and its stages or know what to expect and when. That said, within a short time after you call us about burst pipes, ceiling leaks, or appliance malfunctions that lead to basement flooding, our technicians arrive onsite and endeavor to prevent the development of any secondary issues. After completing this mitigation work, we begin restorative actions like:

  • Repairing or replacing impaired roofing and rebuilding any parts of the business harmed by the event
  • Taking out water-impacted drywall, irreparably damaged insulation, and any unsound structural elements
  • Eliminating mold growths with appropriate treatments, encapsulating them if need be, and repainting ceilings and walls when necessary
  • Tearing out unsalvageable flooring and subflooring that has been severely affected by water
  • Fixing or disposing of and replacing business contents like couches, tables, desks, chairs, and other items
  • Scientifically monitoring interior moisture levels and ensuring that they are brought back down to normal by the project’s end.

Once everything is said and done, your facilities have been fully restored to how they were before the water leak or appliance breakdown, and you are back in business.

So, whenever the unthinkable happens, remember your neighborhood experts at SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield can help. We are here and ready to assist you with all of your commercial water restoration needs. Call us anytime at (203) 791-0920.

Approaches That Ease Water Restoration in Danbury Properties

12/19/2022 (Permalink)

commercial Water Damage If you find yourself in need of assistance with commercial water damage remediation, call SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Helps Danbury Businesses Complete Water Repairs

Water exposure may have long-term effects on your workplace's structural areas and contents. Luckily, a good response can limit the impact such intrusion has on your property. Even simple actions can significantly impact the outcome, just like elaborate water restoration procedures. Professionals apply several simple strategies in their overall recovery plan.

The simple actions can ensure water restoration in Danbury is cost-effective, timely, or more convenient. A seasoned restoration team like SERVPRO combines technical knowledge and work experience to determine the best way to handle moisture-related issues. 

Typical Issues You Can Resolve Simply:

  • Dealing with bulky furniture
  • Addressing trapped water
  • Managing odors

The contents in your facility can range from small items such as desktop computers to oversized furniture items or machinery. It is vital to isolate these items from direct moisture contact, such as droplets falling from the ceiling. Quickly moving the small items away resolves this problem, but it might be impossible if a significant number is involved or the items are bulky. SERVPRO crews prepare drop cloths or plastic sheets to quickly cover vulnerable items, limiting moisture exposure.

Releasing Trapped Water

Most water repair exercises are overcomplicated by concealed moisture which causes advanced problems such as widespread mold attacks or warping and buckling in wood. Concealment gives moisture sufficient time to react with the vulnerable materials. Quickly moving the small items away resolves this problem, but it might only be possible if a significant number is involved or the items are bulky. SERVPRO crews prepare drop cloths or plastic sheets to quickly cover vulnerable items, limiting moisture exposure.

Another challenging aspect of restoration is managing odors. The odors may come from deteriorating materials, soils, or the products used for cleaning and repairs. Timely action can limit deterioration and the associated odors. However, the ones you introduce with cleaning agents, glues, and other restoration aids are still a problem. Our SERVPRO crews use specially formulated, rapidly biodegradable cleaning agents with zero VOCs, ensuring no stubborn odors. We also implement specific deodorization procedures.

Deodorization Options:

  • Mixing deodorizers in cleaning solutions
  • ULV fogging 
  • Using masking agents 

SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield uses different approaches to facilitate water restoration, ensuring your operations run uninterrupted. Call us at (203) 791-0920.

How Can I Avoid Electrical Hazards After Commercial Water Damage?

7/21/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Techs Have the Equipment and Knowledge to Work Safely While Cleaning up Water Damage in Your Danbury Commercial Property

Water and electricity are a bad mix. When commercial water damage occurs, it is crucial to bring in professional help if there is a remote possibility of a shock hazard. SERVPRO techs have the training and experience to navigate the restoration process safely. Do the following tasks before the technicians arrive on-site if it is safe:   

  • Turn off the electricity at the panel  
  • Do not "test" any electronics that have come into contact with water
  • Avoid entering areas of your building with standing water  

Do I Have to Wait for the Electricity to Get Restored to Start Commercial Water Restoration?   

When water damage happens and you need commercial water restoration to get your Danbury business reopened, it should not wait. As water remains within the structure, it degrades and becomes more contaminated. SERVPRO technicians have protective gear and professional cleaning agents to neutralize potential hazards in the water, so it is safer to handle during extraction. In cases where the electricity gets turned off, the techs bring generators to power the water removal and drying equipment and put signs around the breaker box, alerting individuals not to turn it on.  

The use of detection devices helps locate electrical wiring before the techs cut into the walls whenever a controlled demo occurs due to sheetrock wicking water and needs removal. This action not only speeds up the drying process but it helps make repairs faster as only a portion of the walls need replacement and repainting, and it gets the business reopened more quickly.  

SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield at (203) 791-0920 serves the local area by providing commercial water restoration services. The certified technicians are available 24/7 for any scope of cleanup needed. 

Handling Fire Damage Restorations in Danbury Schools

6/22/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO’s Commercial Fire Damage Team to the Rescue in Danbury

For many reasons, a fire within a Danbury learning center or school could happen. The most common cause is a fire in the kitchen or cafeteria or a blaze sparked in a science lab due to combustible materials used in scientific experiments. Many modern schools get outfitted with sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. Still, it is also vital for area schools to have a plan to handle the fallout of a fire. SERVPRO can respond quickly to ensure local students get back into classrooms with little downtime. 

When faced with commercial fire damage in a Danbury school, charred debris, soot, and ash might be the most apparent damage. However, professional assessment from IICRC-certified fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) will look further to detect and form a plan to address any possible hazards to structural integrity. 

  • Fire cleanup in a school may mean the building is uninhabitable for a while, so restoration and thorough disinfection can occur. 
  • Suppose the fire occurred in the administrative area. In that case, problems might be compounded where student records and other files call for specialized document cleaning and recovery.
  • Some computer files may also be impacted, and SERVPRO uses trusted area professionals to handle all technical details. 

Keep in mind that even if a fire got contained to one area of the school, soot particles might have traveled throughout the HVAC system. Smoke odors must be addressed before students and staff return to the building. SERVPRO’s odor control technicians (OCT) know how to work with precision to eliminate odors using thermal fogging technology with ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers, counteractant odor beads, and other specialized methods to achieve lasting results.

Contact SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield if you require assistance with commercial fire damage at your school or learning center. We are available around the clock by calling (203) 791-0920.

Businesses in Danbury Use Local Restoration Services for Fire Damage

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Fire Cleanup Team Can Help your Premises

Commercial property fires are not uncommon. They can occur from faulty electronics, human error, and, in the case of restaurants, from kitchens. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units can be significantly damaged by smoke, especially if the system is on. SERVPRO can help recover the damages caused to your business following a fire.

HVAC inspection is a common task performed by Danbury commercial fire damage restoration services. These systems feature a supply-side- which intakes air- and a return side that distributes it across multiple rooms. In a fire, HVAC systems can easily draw in hot smoke and ash and then distribute it into numerous locations throughout the building. Even if the system is switched off, the pressure increases caused by hot air that can force particulates into supply or return vents. Our technicians perform HVAC inspections and cleaning as standard when dealing with fires on commercial premises. We can help with:

  • HVAC inspection
  • Fire restoration
  • Duct cleaning 

Cleaning an air-conditioning system is not always necessary in a restoration job. However, inspecting the ducts and venting is essential to ensuring that your business returns to a safe condition. Contaminated ducts can redistribute ash throughout the building. When checking air conditioning units, our technicians determine how long the fire burned, whether smoke entered through return or supply sides and if the system was in use. Cleaning efforts may require different approaches depending on the materials that ducts are made from- flex duct or sheet metal. Equally, physical damages to the dampers, vanes, or cooling coil may require subcontractors to perform repairs. Our technicians can enact the proper response to ensure your HVAC system and business premises return to a preloss condition. 

  • If cleaning is not possible, technicians may need to seal off portions of the duct to prevent further damage- referred to as duct sealing.
  • Disassembling the HVAC system requires professional expertise, which we can arrange for you during the service.
  • Filters on an HVAC system's return or supply-side can be removed and replaced cost-efficiently.

If an unexpected fire breaks out at your business, contact SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield for commercial fire damage restoration at (203) 791-0920.

What Flood Removal Strategies are Most Efficient for Danbury Schools?

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

Avoiding a Flood Might be Impossible, but how the Standing Water and Drying Processes get Addressed can get School Doors Back Open Quickly. 

With how quickly emergencies like flooding can impact an entire level of a Danbury school building, our professionals must stay prepared for these emergencies. Because storms passing through the region can develop into flood scenarios with little warning, we keep trailers stocked in our SERVPRO facilities with water removal equipment and drying tools.  

The process of flood removal for Danbury school district buildings often requires multiple tools and equipment. With so many broad, open areas for public schools for classes, lunches, and assemblies, efficient water removal tactics ensure that flooding is not more destructive than it needs to be. Extraction can also be instrumental in preventing the spread of water to new areas of the school building, allowing more protected spaces for temporary content relocation.  

What Are the Best Standing Water Extractors for Natural Flooding?  

Standing water can be one of the most challenging aspects of flood damage for school buildings, especially with the threats of debris, solids, and contaminants. Before cleaning and recovery can begin, SERVPRO techs must remove pooling water throughout areas of the building. Several tools are ideal for these conditions, including: 

  • Truck-Mount – With several inches or even feet of standing water, the most potent water removal tools available to our SERVPRO team can be the best option for efficient control of the situation. These pumps run off the engines of trucks in our Green Fleet and remove water with 300 psi force.  
  • Trash Pumps – With such large work areas like hallways and auditoriums, available power might be limited. Even without the threats of debris and solids familiar with natural flooding, these powerful extractors do not require electricity.  
  • Wet Vacuums – These extractors are among the most versatile in our inventory because these units can quickly move to various areas. With so many individual rooms in a school, portability in extractors is desirable.  

What Tools Remove Water from Porous and Hygroscopic Materials?  

Terms like hygroscopic get used to describe materials that are highly sensitive to water exposure. Fast absorption into these porous materials can become a pressing concern for restorers. Overexposure and saturation of construction materials and structural elements can require more widespread demolition. Several of the tools and devices used to regulate this shorter timeline include:  

  • Carpet Wands – Attachments for the wet vacuums that our technicians use can quickly remove water from the most sensitive materials. Carpet wands are powerful extractors that do the most for the top layer of carpeted flooring but can often not impact padding underneath.  
  • Weighted Extractors – Soft flooring materials like carpets can benefit from pressing water removal in Danbury. The technicians' weight gets used on stationary units or ride-on to push carpet, padding, and subflooring to displace moisture. On the surface, onboard vacuums can collect and discharge this trapped water.  
  • Squeegee Wands – Surface-water concerns sitting on materials like tile and concrete are often more challenging than toweling and mopping. Squeegee wands capture water quickly and direct it to a central vacuum on the attachment.  
  • Floor Mat Drying System – Floors are often some of the hardest impacted materials with water and flood damages. While tiling and concrete are less permeable and porous, floor mats can still remove surface saturation concerns when water begins to penetrate the first few material inches or benefit water removal in wooden flooring.  
  • Positive Pressure System – Positive pressure is ideal for promoting evaporative drying in structural cavities between walls or flooring. With many walls being masonry, weep holes and infusing heated air can be an efficient drying practice.  

What Materials Need Removing After Natural Flooding?  

Among the most significant concerns after natural flooding are the possibilities of contamination and bacterial pathogens introduced to the environment. Direct exposure of this water to sensitive materials found throughout a school might require controlled demolition and discarding. Some of the most sensitive materials throughout the institution include:  

  • Carpets
  • Wood Furniture
  • Contents
  • Non-Metal Shelving 

There are many elements to consider removing floodwater and damaged materials in school buildings after a disaster. Providing an efficient path to recovering these facilities after a loss is a focal point of our SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield team. Using our industry-leading equipment and rapid response after storm and flood emergencies, we can make it "Like it never even happened." Give us a call today at (203) 791-0920.

Can Businesses Prepare for Potential Water Damage in Danbury?

2/8/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Offers Danbury Businesses a Proactive Protocol to Anticipate Water Disasters 

Although no Danbury water damage restoration company has a crystal ball, the probable effect of burst pipes, sewer backup, or other water mishaps on a business’s operations is no mystery. Without a thoughtful plan, your store, restaurant, or office risks temporary closure to manage the disruption. Unfortunately, more than 40 percent of companies that close for recovery from a disaster never reopen.

What Does SERVPRO Suggest for Commercial Customers Interested in Avoiding Unexpected Water Damage?

Our approach prepares us to help Danbury businesses with water damage and other disasters. Called the SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP), its development starts with an in-person assessment of your commercial building by one of our experienced project managers. Inspection of your layout, equipment, inventory, storage, retail floor, offices, staff lounges, and more, along with an understanding of your operations, gives us the data needed to evaluate your business’s water damage risk. Your part of the equation is to complete the prompts on our mobile app, sharing details that individualize disaster preparation, including:

  • Naming vendors or contractors who installed your equipment or systems
  • Clarification of your priorities should water or other disasters occur
  • Checklist of the names and contact information for trusted employees or other individuals who can act on your behalf if you are out of town or otherwise unavailable during a water damage emergency
  • Designation of SERVPRO as your preferred restoration company and authorization for us to proceed without delay when alerted of a water damage disaster

How Does an ERP Protect Your Business Interests?

After SERVPRO inspects your building and reviews your answers on the app, we make recommendations intended to reduce your exposure to significant harm from a water event. Following our advice helps inhibit the conditions that put you in the path of severe damage. If a water damage event occurs, the ERP is a concise digital document that guides SERVPRO’s responding crews, arming our technicians with information that helps them intervene early and effectively. 

Collaborate with SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield to develop a personalized Emergency READY Profile to minimize the effects of a disaster on your business. Set up the initial assessment by calling (203) 791-0920.

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup Services Fast for Danbury Business Properties

12/10/2021 (Permalink)

Fire in commercial building When a fire strikes your commercial property, SERVPRO is the team to call. We will be onsite within 4 hours of the initial call.

Local Danbury Commercial Property Owners Rely on SERVPRO for Fire Restoration

After a structure fire occurs in a Danbury commercial property, there are several layers of recovery to get the business reopened and operating normally, such as: 

Post-fire damage cleanup in Danbury commercial properties needs several layers of recovery to get back to business as usual. Companies that serve the public need to ensure no reminders of the fire, either visible or smoke scents. That is one of the chief reasons outsourcing the service to SERVPRO makes good sense. The technicians have access to equipment and devices that most consumers and janitorial crews do not.

SERVPRO technicians are ready to deal with the big three problems after a fire: fire damage, water damage, and the need for odor control applications. The hot air generated during a fire can push soot particles deeply into porous surfaces, and this particulate will continue to emit smoke smells until it is eradicated. The downside to this can lead to airborne soot traveling to other areas of the property.

The charred elements get removed while the articles suitable for restorative cleaning get moved to an outside area for the correct method depending on the residues present. The technicians have over 100 cleaning agents designed for use on specific surfaces. Additionally, attention gets paid to the air quality; machines such as air scrubbers run throughout the restoration service to capture airborne particulate and trap it in a maze of HEPA filtration.

SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield at (203) 791-0920 brings professional commercial fire damage cleanup to Danbury properties. The trained and certified techs are available 24/7 for all types of restoration services.

Danbury Eateries can Save Big on Time and Money by Using SERVPROs Water Removal Service.

9/28/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Commercial water damage restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. Call now for fast and immediate help.

Danbury Restaurateurs Trust SERVPRO for Quick and Efficient Water Removal After a Water Incidence 

Water removal from your Danbury restaurant is perhaps the last thing you want to deal with, but the reality is, disasters happen, and you don't know what to get caught off-guard when they do. You can count on SERVPRO's team of IICRC certified water damage restoration technicians (WRTs) for fast and efficient service. 

SERVPRO understands the special needs of eateries when it comes to water removal in Danbury. Odor after a water damage incident can linger on long after the water removal and can be detrimental to any restaurant's reputation. Our technicians work hard and use several techniques to combat the odors during water damage repairs. Our goal is to restore the damage "Like it never even happened." 

SERVPRO's Strategy to Combat Odors During Water Damage Restoration 

SERVPRO technicians of Danbury use various techniques and equipment to combat odors during water cleanup in your restaurant. 

Masking agents - These agents cover up the bad odors with pleasant-smelling odors. SERVPRO techs use these when the odor is not too intense and generally confined. 

Filtration and absorption agents - These agents absorb moisture, humidity, and some oils as well. Activated charcoal in these systems removes the odor-causing molecules from the air using the adsorption phenomenon. 

Disinfectants and sanitizers - Used if contamination is present during water damage remediation of your Danbury restaurant. They can inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and combat foul odors at the same time. 

Pairing agents - Combine chemically with odor-causing molecules in the air, causing them to fall onto surfaces to be cleaned up. Technicians typically use Ultra Low Volume (ULV) foggers to apply these. 

Call SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield at (203) 791-0920 for 24/7 water removal services. 

What Type of Damage Can Occur After a Commercial Fire in Danbury?

8/23/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Restoration in Danbury Involves Understanding How Different Materials Can Cause Unique Damage

At any commercial fire scene, there is smoke and soot. Residual water from sprinklers or firefighting efforts is another factor. Most people understand the impact fire has on a business. It is also important to understand the damage that can happen after the fire gets extinguished. 

Fast Action is Needed to Minimize Fire Damage

Rapid mitigation is needed following a fire to prevent further damage. SERVPRO’s commercial fire restoration team in Danbury arrives as quickly as possible once we get the call. Damage after the fire can include:

  •   Soot staining – Rarely is one type of material burned in a fire. This means different types of soot are present, and each kind gets dealt with in a specific way. Soot is acidic in many cases and can damage any surface it touches.
  •   Mold – Mold can grow quickly in a moist environment. It can ruin carpets, content, and more. Quick water removal is the key to preventing mold.
  •   Rust and corrosion – Metal can become oxidized through the oxygen in the water. Corrosion is a problem whenever the water is not removed rapidly.
  •   Poor air quality – The foul smells that permeate throughout the building can be overwhelming. Removing charred debris and using the right deodorization methods is crucial to combat the odors. 

SERVPRO provides fire and smoke damage remediation that strives to avoid as much secondary damage as possible. When our fire restoration begins, we:

  • Protect ingress points and breaches with material such as tarps
  • Deal with water extraction with pumps and other extraction equipment
  • Remove debris and soot as quickly as possible
  • Provide pack-out services for content removal if needed
  • Deep clean, deodorize, and restore

For commercial fire restoration services, contact SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield at (203) 791-0920.

Providing a Safer Environment After a Fire in a Danbury Office

7/28/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO takes steps to improve air quality and environmental conditions in a Danbury office after a fire.

Understanding how fires spread and their effect on the indoor environment can show where professional restoration and cleanup are vital. Our SERVPRO technicians have a fast response to get this work started right away. We work with insurance adjusters and property owners to prioritize your needs that keep the business going during cleaning.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

While there are multiple layers to fire damage in Danbury offices, there are direct threats to the staff and customers that must be addressed immediately by our SERVPRO professionals. While containment can effectively keep the office going during the restoration, there are several indoor air quality (IAQ) threats that can exist to make post-fire conditions initially hazardous. Our team looks to remove:

  • Aerosolized particles
  • Soot
  • Smoke
  • Contaminants
  • Toxins

Efficient Deodorization of the Work Area

One of the most considerable obstacles that must be overcome to improve indoor air quality and environmental quality is smoke odors. We have numerous deodorization tools and products that can reduce the severity of post-fire smells and allow them to be more easily eliminated with direct neutralization equipment like thermal or ULV foggers or hydroxyl generators.

Inspection of Ductwork and Cleaning is typically done to ensure that the IAQ has been restored to standard levels.

When a breakroom fire or electrical blaze starts in your office building, the staff and the structure are at considerable risk. Give our SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield a call today at (203) 791-0920.

Do Concrete Floors Require Special Attention During Water Cleanup in Danbury Businesses.

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Our technicians know all the steps to take for every surface of your property after a water incident. Call SERVPRO for effective water clean up.

SERVPRO is a Commercial Restoration Provider for Danbury Businesses in Need of Water Cleanup. 

Concrete is a mixture of mortar, sand, and water, which grows stronger over time as the water content reduces through hydration. The strengthening of concrete through hydration also reduces porosity making it less susceptible to permanent water exposure damage. Many commercial properties use concrete as a subfloor material. We can address water intrusion in your premises, including:

  • Cleaning up after sewer backup
  • Water clean up
  • Burst pipes

The common method for concrete floor water cleanup at Danbury businesses is to use a non-penetrating moisture meter. This equipment measures surface temperatures to assess the extent of moisture taken onboard by a material. Moisture meters are fairly limited to set concrete as they only ascertain values for the first one inch of material. 

  • SERVPRO can use a Calcium Chloride Test to measure vapor emissions from concrete subfloors and surfaces.
  • The Thermo Hygrometer test relies on drilling small holes into concrete and measuring humidity, providing more accurate results than moisture sensors.
  • Sometimes stripping paint or finish from concrete is necessary to reduce the drying times for the material. 

We have specialists for commercial premises and units. Contact SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield for commercial water cleanup at (203) 791-0920.

Prompt Fire Damage Restoration for Ridgefield Residents

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Provides High-Quality Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services in Ridgefield

Ridgefield CT is a town in Fairfield County located at the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. According to the 2010 census, the three-hundred-year-old community's population was 24,638. The U.S census bureau refers to the town center, which was previously a borough, as a census-designated place.

It takes about sixty minutes to drive from New York City to Ridgefield, and the town is popular with visitors. The city boasts a high-rated school system, a unique and historic main street, and people rank it among Connecticut's safest towns. Some of the locales visitors can tour include:

The Weir Farm National Historic Site - This location is the studio and home of J. Alden Weir, the most beloved Impressionist in America. At this national historic site, you have an opportunity to see the works of generations of world-class artists. The home is set amidst over 60 acres of painterly fields, woods, and waterways. These are among the reasons why Weir called his family the "Great Good Place." His farm is a national legacy to historic preservation, the creative spirit, and American Impressionism. It is the only National Park Service site devoted to American painting.

The farm was a source of artistic experimentation and inspiration for Weir and many other artists. They visited Weir and his family, including John Twachtman, Childe Hassam, Albert Pinkham Ryder, and John Singer Sargent. The reassuring rural scenes like the ones surrounding the farm were favorite subjects from American Impressionists. Some of the works that Weir created here include Upland Pasture, Idle Hours, The Laundry Branchville, and the Truants.

After Weir, his daughter Dorothy Weir, a painter, and her spouse Mahonri Young, a sculptor, sustained the artistic legacy. It was here that Young worked on his masterworks; Brigham Young, situated in Washington DC and the This is the Place Monument located stationed Salt Lake City. Young and his family also entertained other artists at this farm just like Weir had, including New England painters Doris and Sperry Andrews.

Doris and Sperry Andrews bought a portion of the property in 1958 and started the 22-year process to preserve Weir's farm. Today, the park includes the Weir Pond, the Weir and Young Studios, the Weir House, gardens, and barns. It is among the best remaining landscapes of American art in the nation.

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum - This art museum is recognized in the nation because it exhibits upcoming contemporary artists. Larry Aldrich founded the museum in 1964. It is devoted to cutting edge art and situated within a historic district attached to a restored historic home containing administrative offices. The design embodies concepts of transparency, framed views, and sequence.

The Aldrich museum features reconfigurable galleries, a classroom, which supports educational programming, spaces for video art and sound, and extensive new landscaping that includes a sculpture garden. Public functions also take place at the museum. It is among the few non-collecting, independent contemporary art museums in the U.S.A and the only one in Connecticut dedicated to contemporary art. It engages its diverse audiences with interdisciplinary and thought-provoking exhibitions as well as programs.

Aldrich museum's public and education programs are meant to connect visitors of all age groups to contemporary art through advanced learned approaches in hands-on tours, workshops, and presentations led by curators, artists, professionals in related fields, and museum educators.

The Keeler Tavern Museum and History Center - This museum and history center has been a tavern, farmhouse, stagecoach shop, hotel for travelers, post office, and the home of Cass Gilbert, a noted architect. In 1966, some Ridgefield dwellers decided to preserve the property's rich history by turning it into a museum. Today the museum continues with its mission of helping students, scholars, and other visitors to comprehend the significant events and lives during its three-hundred-year history. It pursues the mission by protecting and preserving the museum's intellectual and physical assets along with sharing them with a broad audience through outreach programs or on campus.

If you are seeking entertainment, you can visit the Ridgefield Playhouse. Located in an intimate setting, it hosts hundreds of live shows featuring nationally acclaimed performers. You can also visit the unique Prospector Theater and watch a first release movie.

You can also spend time shopping in the various shops on Danbury Road and Main Street's unique boutiques. Many restaurants are also available, and they have a lot to offer, including fine dining and casual cuisine.

If you want to participate in outdoor activities, you can visit the Ridgefield Golf Course, a Fazio-designed, semi-private 18-hole golf course. The town also has lakes, walking trails, and miles of country roads that bikers can enjoy.

With a lot to offer in a scenic Norman Rockwell setting, it is not surprising that many people opt to visit Ridgefield. The town has many outdoor spaces, making it a unique location for corporate events, private parties, and other events. However, a fire can ruin the experience of both visitors and residents of this town. When such an incident occurs, seeking help from competent restorers is imperative. It can help prevent costly secondary destruction.

How SERVPRO performs commercial fire damage restoration in Ridgefield

A fire's devastating effects can ruin a commercial facility such as a restaurant. Flames can burst out unexpectedly inside a restaurant that houses a multitude of cooking equipment and electrical appliances. Even though the fire does not cause significant destruction to the structure, smoke damage can be extreme. The dedicated team of experts at SERVPRO has decades of experience in commercial fire damage restoration. We assist businesses to get back to work using the most advanced techniques and restoration equipment.

We understand that each day your restaurant remains closed affects your revenue. It can also lead to negative reviews that can hurt your business permanently. We can do our best to reduce a fire's financial impact by helping you restore your commercial facility as soon as possible.

By using a cutting-edge restoration process, we can restore walls, ceilings, and woodwork. Our technicians can also decontaminate the ductwork and HVAC system.

A few of the steps we can perform to restore your business premises include:

  • Securing the facility to prevent further destruction.
  • Carefully inspect the affected area to locate smoke residues. We begin the inspection close to the fire source and trace how far smoke moved through the building.
  • Ventilate the property to eliminate the dust and soot in the air.
  • Remove contents from the building and separate salvageable items from unsalvageable ones. We can move the salvageable materials to a secure facility for thorough cleaning and restoration. We hold the items in the facility until all reconstruction work is complete.
  • Clean all business premises areas, including the floors, walls, permanent fixtures, and ceilings, to prevent damage that acid soot can cause.
  • Deodorize the business premises and its salvaged content using equipment like thermal foggers and odor removal products such as odor counteracting beads and deodorant granules or pellets.

SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield provides a full range of commercial fire damage restoration services. We can help you to restore your business premises quickly following a fire. Call our 24-hour helpline at (203) 791-0920 and let our expert restorers handle your emergency.

Is Safety an Issue Once Mold Is Suspected in a Commercial Building?

10/2/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Can Come to Danbury Offices to Perform an Inspection and Formulate a Plan for Safe Mold Remediation.

There can be several causes for mold growth within a Danbury business. You may have hidden issues with your HVAC system, or there could be a slow leak within the plumbing system. Whenever there is an increase in moisture and the relative humidity within your commercial space gets higher than usual, this creates the ultimate breeding ground for microbial growth and mold colonization. It is best to have trained technicians to come in for a closer look so that you can get the prompt, reliable remediation that your business needs.

What Are the Dangers of Mold?

When SERVPRO gets a call for mold remediation in Danbury, we take it very seriously.  We know that you count on your commercial space's interior to be safe for all staff, clients, and vendors that pass through the doors. Not only can mold cause potential health effects, but you also need to consider the costs involved for damaged building materials that might need replacing. 

Mold is present in all buildings, but it remains dormant until moisture feeds growth. We come into your business to determine the cause of the mold and then work on expert cleanup. 

  • Dry ice blasting works well on larger areas infested with mold. These high-pressure carbon dioxide pellets work to scrape mold from surfaces before turning into gas for minimal mess.
  • Soda blasting is another option, which helps to safely remove mold so that our technicians can suction it up safely.

Whichever method we choose to use, our team always wears personal protective equipment (PPE) for our safety and limits cross-contamination. We also create containment barriers with the help of plastic sheeting to cordon off the mold-infested zone. This helps limit mold spore circulation and keeps debris from spreading into unaffected areas of your commercial space.

Contact SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield whenever you need help with skilled mold remediation. With a phone call to (203) 791-0920, we can have a crew at your business within hours to get started.

What Is the Anatomy of a Danbury Commercial Fire Damage Restoration?

6/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Invests in Industry-Leading Training of Managers and Technicians in a Wide Spectrum of Restoration Specialities to Make Sure We Can Bring Danbury Businesses Through Any Fire Damage Scenario

When your Danbury business endures a fire, the mess and disruption are considerable. You need not only a company that can respond to the many tasks that must complete before the structure and contents of your commercial building are made whole. You also require a team that can create a concrete plan that manages the project from start to finish in an effective and efficient way. Fire damage cleanup is unlike any other commercial cleaning challenge, so find a trained and trained recovery firm to meet the challenge.

Why the Focus on Water Cleanup During Fire Damage Remediation?

Water is everywhere after a blaze in your Danbury business. Fire damage by nature includes significant water intrusion from firefighting efforts. The corrosive action of water is on par with the destruction of fire residues, and the presence of the fluids present a range of safety issues that push the water remediation to the top of the agenda.

  • Slip, trip, and fall risks
  • Electrocution risks
  • Mold growth and damage risks
  • Other pathogen proliferation risks
  • Structural integrity (collapse) risks

How Is the Water Damage Handled?

SERVPRO crew members earn multiple certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), so water location, extraction, and structural drying is second nature for our team. As the crew members pursue the emergency services that remove the water and dry out the area, others on the team are inspecting and evaluating the damage more directly attributed to the fire.

What Do Professionals Look at When Matching Fire Residues with Cleaning Products and Methods?

Our crew chiefs examine the types of residues found throughout your business, expecting and usually finding that the soot varies depending on the fuel consumed as the blaze traveled throughout the spaces in your business. Some of the soot is loose and ashy; other types are thick and sticky. If food or grease heated or burned during the fire, that residue is thin and lacquer-like, very malodorous, and difficult to remove. Pre-testing of products and methods helps us to decide how to manipulate the elements of cleaning:

  • Temperature--heat increases chemical actions
  • Abrasives or sustained agitation
  • Chemical agents -- water or oil-based (solvent) cleaners
  • Time -- short or extended dwell times

How Does the Type of Affected Surface Impact the Cleaning Decisions?

Some building materials and fixtures are durable enough to stand up to high temperatures, vigorous agitation or abrasion, and chemical agents for the time needed to clear away residues. Other surfaces and contents are more easily damaged by the strategies fire damage restoration professionals might use to try to bring them back to preloss condition. It is a balancing act during every commercial fire damage recovery project, and our IICRC-trained technicians walk that line to try to achieve the best results for your business. We sometimes try a variety of options or repeat remediation techniques to solve the challenge.

Do Restoration Professionals Ever Decide Remediation Is Impossible?

If the residues or charring damage is so profound that removal will destroy the underlying structure or fixtures, our crew chief discusses the issue with our managers and you to determine the next steps. Our full-scale construction division can help with any tear-out, repair, or rebuilding needed to bring your business back to “Like it never even happened.” Our ability to do wrap-around restoration saves our commercial customers stress, time, and expense.

How About the Smell? Can You Eliminate the Stench of Fire Damage?

When we plot out the fire damage recovery timeline, we do not forget about the potential for lingering smells. Our zealous attempts to clear debris and residues go a long way toward ridding your building of the malodors. Even though concerted effort does not eradicate all smells, we turn to innovations in deodorization that proved their worth on other projects and in restoration industry research. Strategies include:

  • Thermal fogging, which recreates the conditions during the fire by combusting deodorants in a heated chamber and then disseminating them throughout the affected space, pairs the deodorant agents with the odor-bearing soot particles, rendering them odorless.
  • Hydroxyl generation, which uses free radicals to bond and chemically change the smelly soot particles, also rendering them inoffensive
  • Ozone machines that use the process of oxidation to remove smells
  • Enzymatic products that “eat” the odor-bearing residues

You can rely on SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield for an A-Z restoration of your business after fire damage. Call us at (203) 791-0920, while the firefighters are wrapping up at your site to move into the next phase of your successful business.

How Long Will Smoke Odors Linger After a Fire in Danbury?

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

Specialized Techniques by Trained Fire Damage Experts Help Eliminate Smoke Odors in Your Danbury Commercial Building

If your commercial property catches fire, calling in the help of skilled technicians ensures you can get back up and running sooner. When you enlist SERVPRO to assist with restoration, we start the cleanup right away. Doing so helps limit damages and the onset of foul odors known to linger when left to fester for too long.

Are There Ways I Can Address Fire and Odor On My Own?
For any commercial fire damage in Danbury, our IICRC-certified technicians have not only the experience and the training to get the job done, but also a range of professional equipment. We arrive on the scene to assess the damage once emergency personnel deems the building safe to enter. To expedite the restoration and make sure that your interior is free of smoke particles and sticky soot, our crew will:

    •    Remove all debris and sources of odor, including unsalvageable contents and charred materials.
    •    Carefully clean any surface areas blanketed with tiny odor-causing particles. Every room in your building gets checked to determine how far the residue and particles traveled.
    •    We recreate the conditions that caused odor penetration by imparting deodorizing agents in the same way that the smoke and soot came into contact with each surface.
    •    Surfaces exposed to malodors may get sealed off, if necessary. This includes sealing the surfaces of ducts and painting walls.

If any of the wooden studs in your building present with charring, our technicians may remove the char using soda blasting, dry ice blasting, or steel scrub brushes. Once the charred portion gets removed, we can then seal or refinish the studs.

Commercial fire damage is no match for our IICRC-certified team at SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield. Call us at (203) 791-0920, and we deploy a team for emergency service. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

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SERVPRO Stands with You Every Step of the Way After Danbury Commercial Fire Damage

3/4/2020 (Permalink)

"SERVPRO, Fire Damage?" Call (203) 791-0920 to have a SERVPRO team get to work restoring your restaurant within hours.

You Want SERVPRO’s Experts By Your Side In The Event Of A Fire In Your Restaurant

Catering to the needs of Danbury college students has been a fruitful business choice, your casual restaurant near campus proving popular for quick lunches and late-night post-studying snacks. A kitchen fire threatens to erase all your successful efforts to develop a faithful clientele, and you need help managing the aftermath quickly before your loyal customers find another favorite dining spot.

Water and Chemical Removal

When you consider the fire damage in your Danbury restaurant, the amount of firefighting water needing resolution can be shocking. Automatic sprinklers plus the efforts of the first responders can leave the burnt debris and soot swimming in gallons of contaminated fluid mixed with extinguishing chemicals. Our highly-trained crews are experts in water removal as well, extracting and containing the Category 3 water for lawful disposal. We quickly shift to structural drying, employing state of the art equipment, including air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers.

Residue and Odor Removal

The protein-based soot created by a kitchen fire is particularly pungent. Although nearly invisible, the residue, comprised of dehydrated food and grease particles, adheres tightly and is corrosive to the building materials and fixtures affected. SERVPRO technicians are well-prepared to remove the coating, using solvents and carefully deployed abrasive tools to loosen the soot. If deep cleaning and debris removal do not eliminate the malodors, we turn to innovative equipment like thermal foggers, ozone machines, or hydroxyl generators to neutralize the odoriferous particles at the molecular level. 

Charred, Warped, and Weakened Structural Components

The heat and flames of a restaurant fire compromise the integrity of the structure. Without competent help with repair and rebuilding, your restaurant may not reopen for safety reasons. Our company boasts decades of mitigation, remediation, and rebuilding expertise. We have on-staff reconstruction specialists ready to rehab any permanent structural damage.

Nearly 40 years of restoration industry service by the team at SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield means we have seen, managed, and conquered nearly every imaginable fire damage challenge. Get your business back up to speed by calling ours at (203) 791-0920.

See more about Danbury.

Commercial Flood Damage In Danbury Theater Center

12/28/2019 (Permalink)

How Professionals Can Help You Handle Commercial Flood Damage in a Danbury Theater Center

Flooding that is brought on by a storm, hurricane or heavy rain can severely ruin a theater center, affecting its normal operations. After receiving the news of flooding in the theater center, the ballet and opera companies that had scheduled performances in the facility can scramble to find new spaces. Flooding can also affect the typical items stored in a theater center such as knee-high boots, costumes, and timpani drums.

When there is commercial flood damage in your Danbury theater center, you need to pump out the water quickly, dry, and sanitize the facility to prevent secondary damage. The water can ruin the building’s walls, elevators, floors, ceilings, and its mechanical, electrical, and HVAC systems. Our SERVPRO team can help you extract the water using portable pumps. It may be necessary to remove water on multiple levels in the building. Portable extractors are convenient to use because we can take them to different areas of the building. Our crew can also dry the structure thoroughly by using air moving and dehumidifying equipment.

Flooding can also cause unpleasant odors in the theater. This is particularly the case if items like opera boots and shoes rot after exposure to water. Our team has the expertise to remove unpleasant odors in the building. We can use equipment like thermal foggers to eliminate the foul smell. Thermal foggers use a solvent-based deodorizer, which is heated and then sprayed in the form of dry fog. The deodorizing solution can permeate even the hard-to-reach spots because it is in the form of a mist. The vaporized cleaning solution or smoke that thermal fogging equipment creates pairs with unwanted odor molecules to absorb them, and eliminate the smell from the premises, “Like it never even happened.” Thermal fogging is safe to use on most surfaces and is useful for dealing with most odors.

Typically, floodwater contains infectious organisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Removing these contaminants from your theater is vital. Our SERVPRO team can use OSHA-approved cleaning agents to eliminate them. The disinfectants we use can limit or stop the growth of harmful microorganisms. Since theaters are relatively large, we can use powered sprayers or hand pump-up sprayers to spray the disinfectants or antimicrobial products directly on the affected surfaces.

After floodwaters enter your theater in Ridgefield, Redding, or Redding Ridge, starting the remediation process quickly can prevent a long period of inactivity. Contact the professionals at SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield to begin the restoration process. Our helpline is (203) 791-0920.

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Some Ways to Avoid Creating Secondary Damages After Flood Damage in Your Shop

12/8/2019 (Permalink)

Preserving Ridgefield Historic Shops After Flood Damage

No business in any location finds it easy to withstand a flood, but the 19th- and early 20th-century charm of Ridgefield’s Main Street and Danbury Road shops depend on a professional rescue. The elegant or eclectic boutiques, restaurants, and markets offer practical, fun, fancy, and one-of-a-kind items displayed in unique spaces. Our highly-qualified crews of managers and technicians rise to the challenges presented by aging building materials that owners and patrons prefer restored rather than replaced.

How Flood Damage Affects Traditional Construction Materials

When flood damages Ridgefield historic buildings, the relatively straightforward strategies used with 21st-century building materials are unavailable or need significant adaptations. Many of the walls feature wooden lath and plaster rather than drywall. The predominant use of hardwood trim, floors, and framing impact how the water removal and drying process proceeds.

Containment of Contaminants

All flood damage projects require an assessment of the water category and a plan for efficient evacuation of contaminated debris and fluids. SERVPRO crews use rakes and shovels to hand-remove mud and silt, taking care to respect the structure. Pumps and extractors then collect the liquids for lawful disposal. We choose an EPA-registered disinfectant to sanitize surfaces after cleanup for safety and to avoid secondary damage from microbial infestation.

Fast Intervention Followed by Patient Implementation

We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. But expect the SERVPRO crew once on-site to take into account the stress both flood water and too-rapid drying can take on materials settled for a hundred or more years. We create a balance of air movement and heat to facilitate evaporation. Because wooden lath and plaster can swell and crack if temperatures rise too high or too quickly, our technicians focus on monitoring this balance during structural drying. We also make sure dehumidification maintains an appropriate pace with the air movement and heat. 

Security Measures

The solidity of plaster construction can help shed water, but depending on the individual circumstances of the original build, some weaknesses can emerge. SERVPRO planners might employ stabilizing strategies, especially with overhead structures. Braces and plaster washers can help keep the original surfaces steady as our crew continues with the steps needed to remove the water and reduce moisture to normal levels.

SERVPRO of Danbury / Ridgefield commits to preserving the historic character of your flood-damaged bistro or store as we use cutting edge techniques and equipment. Call us at (203) 791-0920 for a swift assessment and professional restoration.

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How To Dry Out a Commercial Building

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

There is a shelf with boxes and in the room are air movers drying up an area that has been damaged by water Air mover drying up affected area after water loss in a Topstone, CT room

How To Dry Out a Commercial Building

If you own commercial property in Topstone, CT, a pipe burst probably isn't part of your business plan. When you experience flooding, follow these four damage tips to minimize loss.

1. Enlist the Help of Professionals

Unless the water damage is very minor, the smartest and safest way to dry out your building is to call a water damage restoration company. It will have the tools and expertise necessary to dry out the premises quickly and thoroughly. If technicians encounter mold, black water, or any other unforeseen problems, such as weakened building materials, they can handle those hazards safely too. What's more, a professional restoration company is unlikely to create more damage as it resolves the existing problems.

2. Remove Wet Materials

If the amount of water in your commercial space is minimal, follow these next three damage tips to try remedying the situation on your own. Start by removing wet materials, including carpets and furniture. They can hold moisture and kickstart mold. Wet insulation, for example, will stay wet for an extremely long time, and that trapped moisture can cause significant damage to building materials such as wood and metal.

3. Clean Wooden Surfaces

Water can cause warping, rot and other damage to wooden features such as stairs and trim. Perform a quick clean of exposed wooden surfaces using a disinfecting agent and a microfiber cloth.
If you have wooden flooring, mop up excess water and rinse away any mud and debris. Initial warping may straighten out with time, as it can take months for floorboards to fully dry.

4. Keep the Air Moving

Set up a combination of fans and dehumidifiers to begin drying out the space. Resist the temptation to simply crank up the air conditioning or heat, as drying out the space too fast can cause even more harm. Keep the air moving and stay patient.
Following these cleaning tips and damage tips can help expedite the drying-out process at your commercial property. For the safest and most thorough cleanup, however, restoration is generally best left to the professionals.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Business for a Fire

8/16/2019 (Permalink)

Prepare Your Business For A Fire

One of the best ways you can protect your company in Lattins Landing,CT, from a business fire is to prepare in advance. While you can't always prevent a fire from happening, there are some things you can do to help ensure that it is put out in a timely manner.

1. Install a Sprinkler System

If a fire starts in your building, a sprinkler system is one of the quickest ways to put it out and keep the fire damage to a minimum. Once the temperature reaches a certain degree, pressurized water is released over the area where the fire is happening. This can help prevent the fire from spreading any further. Although you may incur some water damage from this, the fire restoration company should be able to take care of this during the cleanup process.

2. Make an Evacuation Plan

Having an evacuation plan is one of the best fire preparation steps you can take, and it can save lives. Your employees should be informed of where the nearest fire exits is to them, and you should place copies of the plan around the office. Although it may seem trivial, doing a practice drill can really end up helping someone.

3. Educate Employees

Many people don't realize how easily common office appliances can lead to flames. One of the best ways to prevent a business fire from happening at all is to educate your employees on potential fire hazards. Here are a few tips that can make a big difference.

Keep appliances a few inches away from the wall.
Turn off all electronics at the end of each work day.
Do not have any open flames in the building.
Keep flammable materials away from heat sources.

You never know when disaster may strike, but being prepared can help prevent a business fire or keep employees safe if one does occur. Update your plan yearly and always make sure that your safety equipment is in good working condition.

3 Most Common Sewage Problems in Commercial Buildings

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

Three Sewage Problems

Managing a commercial facility comes with the responsibility to maintain the plumbing and related fixtures. If your commercial building in Topstone, CT, is facing any of the following three sewage problems, you are not alone. From blocked sewer lines to broken pipes, dealing with the water from plumbing problems can take a lot of your time. Consider working with commercial water damage restoration professionals in your area who can help you get these issues under control.

1. Shifting or Cracking Foundation

If you notice large floor cracks throughout your commercial facility, you may have issues with a shifting foundation. Not only does this create structural concerns, but may also indicate plumbing troubles below the surface. Get a professional evaluation to determine if your facility has any of the following underlying problems:

  • Root intrusion
  • Soil displacement
  • Poor drainage or blocked sewer

2. Pipe bursts and Leaks

Many building managers can attest to the major disruption pipe breaks and other water leaks can add to their already demanding schedule. While some leaks are obvious like overflowing toilets or dripping sinks, others can go undetected without careful observation. Look for signs of lurking sewage problems indicated by some of the following dead giveaways:

  • Bulging walls
  • Ceiling tiles with water marks or stains
  • Lingering odor of mildew

3. Copper Piping

For commercial buildings that are over 20 or 30 years old, site managers may face issues with copper piping. Copper piping was a popular plumbing material before PVC was introduced because of its durable nature. However, copper piping doesn't last forever and can give commercial facilities real trouble when damage does occur. As a commercial building owner it's not uncommon to see pinhole leaks, corrosion, or freezing in the winter months.

From a toilet overflow to a blocked sewer, commercial facility water damage can be a lot to deal with. Make sure you find sufficient help to get these common sewage problems under control as soon as they are identified.

How To Tell if You Have Moldy Air Ducts

4/12/2019 (Permalink)

If you smell a strong musty odor in your home you may have a mold problem.

The tell-tale musty odor that greets your nose when you walk through the front door of your business in Germantown, CT, may not be a welcome smell, but it can be an informative one. You may need more investigation to tell where the smell is coming from specifically so that you know whether you need wall replacement or HVAC cleaning. There are several ways to tell where your mold problem lies.

Smell Testing

A general unpleasant odor doesn't tell you much, but you can usually discern if you have moldy air ducts by following these steps:

  • Turn HVAC system off.
  • Wait 20 minutes.
  • Turn system back on.
  • Compare intensity of smell when unit is off and on.

This may not be the most scientific method of checking for mold, but it can help you narrow the search for the offending fungus.

Vision Testing

Paying attention during routine HVAC cleaning can help identify potential problem areas. If you see condensation or pooling water around coils or drip pans, you can get the leak fixed before mold growth begins. It will also be pretty clear if mold has already developed in these areas. Look for fuzzy or slimy patches, and take pictures to document the problem for the specialists that come to fix it.

Professional Testing

The most accurate test of mold growth is a professional test from mold mitigation experts. These tests are superior to the ones you can purchase in the hardware store, because they can be used to determine not only that mold is present but how concentrated and what type of mold it is. Technicians usually test before remediation to see where the problem is located. Then, after removing damaged materials and cleaning vents, they will likely test again to make sure that the issue has been resolved.

Pinpointing the exact location of your mold problem is essential to getting rid of it. Once discovered, a thorough HVAC cleaning by certified professionals can help get rid of the odor in your building.

5 Answers to Questions About Fire Damage

1/10/2019 (Permalink)

Contact a disaster recovery team in Danbury, CT

5 Answers to Questions About Fire Damage

What's the difference between mitigation and restoration? Should you hire a "one-stop" company or look for several different service providers in Danbury,CT, to handle fire damage? What does your insurance cover? The time to get answers to these questions is before your business is affected by disaster, so you're ready to take quick action at the first signs of trouble.

1. What is mitigation?

Fire mitigation services cover those basic steps necessary to prevent further losses. These services may include:

  • Boarding up windows
  • Tacking down tarps on the roof
  • Reinforcing structures with short-term fixes
  • Extracting water

The work completed by damage mitigation companies is often done quickly and are generally only for temporary purposes.

2. How are restoration services different?

Restoration services kick in after fire damage mitigation work finishes. These experts take over the tasks of repairing buildings and property, rebuilding structures for long-term safety, and combatting the results of water damage, such as mold.

3. Are other professional services necessary?

Depending on who you hire to take care of the damages following a fire, you may need someone to haul away furnishings and construction materials that are damaged beyond repair. You may also need professionals who are trained in cleaning and decontaminated furnishings that have absorbed smoke smells.

4. Which professionals should you hire?

You could contact two separate services to handle this work. The benefit of doing this is that the workers may excel within their niche of work. However, many business owners have found that a "one-stop" service provider is easier to work with. These fire damage mitigation and restoration professionals may work closely with your insurance adjuster from start to end. Their emergency response treatments work well with long-term repairs. Financing is easier to handle.

5. Which services does your insurance cover?

Contact your insurance provider for information about available coverage. You may find that your provider prefers a specific mitigation and restoration company in Danbury,CT. You could also get information about business interruption coverage. Many insurance companies offer resources for preventing disasters.

How To Recognize Secondary Damage and Why You Should Avoid It

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

If your business in Redding,CT, has experienced primary water damage, then you may relate to how time-consuming it can be to repair your building. However, business owners should also be aware of secondary damage, as it can lead to problems such as black mold and cracked walls.

Types of Water Damage

There are two types of water damage. Both present different challenges and should be fixed as soon as possible.

• Primary water damage: This is easily noticed through wet flooring, walls and furniture.
• Secondary water damage: When primary damage is left alone or not completely resolved, it may lead to structural issues such as black mold and warped flooring.

When water issues are not taken care of immediately, it can lead to costly and harmful consequences. That’s why it’s important to recognize the signs of secondary water damage and have a plan ready if it does happen.

Signs of Secondary Water Damage

It may take weeks or even months to notice any signs, but if there are indications of secondary damage, you should call a commercial building restoration service to take care of the problem right away.

Signs include black mold, warped flooring, cracked walls and a distinctive odor. When moisture is trapped inside your building, it can contribute to high humidity levels, which can make doors, door casings and baseboards swell too.

Why Avoiding Secondary Damage Is Beneficial

Secondary water damage can lead to many additional issues, which is why it’s best to avoid it by calling professional technicians when you notice the first warning signs. These experts should be able to perform tests for hidden moisture and humidity levels, complete professional extraction and drying, and implement other types of restoration where needed. This should stop any further damage from happening.

Although maintenance and prevention are your best defenses against water damage, there’s no need to worry if it does occur. With an excellent plan and a team of experts, your business can be restored to its original condition.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

12/28/2018 (Permalink)

Duct cleaning

SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield Duct Cleaning

Have you ever seen the professionals at SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield clean ductwork? If not, here is a short video of a return plenum that the technicans at SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield shot during a recent cleaning.

With winter right around the corner, now is the time to get your HVAC system inspected and cleaned. The trained technicians have the experience to handle any HVAC system. From small residential to large commercial HVAC units SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield is ready to help improve your indoor air quality. 

In the 1970s, sick building syndrome became apparent as groups of people displayed similar symptoms after having spent extended periods of time in buildings with poor air quality. Good judgment and immediate attention can correct the situation and save you money in the event of litigation. When addressing air quality, inspecting the ductwork is our technicians first order of business. Dirty ducts can work to circulate odors and contaminants like mold and irritating dust throughout the building.

If you suspect that your ducts are dirty and in need of cleaning please contact our office at 203-791-0920 to schedule the free, no-obligation inspection to determine if cleaning is necessary.

3 Things You Must Do To Repair Your Business’s Leaky Roof

10/18/2018 (Permalink)

If your business in Ridgefield,CT experiences a roof leak, it’s important to start the cleanup process immediately. However, you may be uncertain about how to stop further damage and clean up the area. There are several steps you should take to make sure your damaged roof is properly fixed.

1. Remove Wet Materials

As soon as you become aware of a roof leak, it’s important to remove any materials that are wet. Rugs and other items made of cloth are often breeding grounds for mold to grow and moving out anything that has been damaged is necessary to prevent mold growth. By moving all wet items out of the affected area, the cleanup process can happen more quickly and efficiently.

2. Dry and Clean the Area

Once all wet items and materials have been taken out of the affected area, the next step is to focus on drying and cleaning what has not been badly damaged. Depending on the amount of damage sustained, it might be necessary to replace carpeted floors, damaged inventory or other items entirely. However, it is often possible to disinfect items after they have been dried. Floors, walls and other areas can be disinfected with special products as long as they are not badly damaged.

3. Make Needed Repairs

When everything has been dried and it is safe to do so, restoration is the final step to fixing your roof. Unfortunately, a leaking roof often occurs in conjunction with other issues. A combination of strong winds and heavy rain can result in missing shingles, holes in the roof or other problems. To prevent further damage to your building, the structure of your business’s roof will need to be fixed.

A roof leak doesn’t have to cause your business to close its doors if you quickly act as soon as you notice a leak. Working with professionals in water damage restoration will ensure that your business’s roof is fully restored.

Water Damaged Wood: How Important Is Quick Cleanup?

9/28/2018 (Permalink)

Air movers on a water damaged office building in Bethel, CT

If your commercial building suffered a pipe burst that led to your wood floor being water-soaked, you may be wondering how soon you should clean the wetness. Is time of the essence, or is it safe to put off any cleanup? As it turns out, there are at least three important reasons to quickly address a wet floor made of wood in order to prevent replacement.

1. Wet Wood Can Stain

Even if your Bethel, CT, business’ floor does not end up suffering any severe structural damage, there is still a very high chance that the moisture will leave behind unsightly water stains that permanently ruin its appearance. Quick drying and cleaning is key to keep your floors from looking unpleasant.

2. Moisture Increases Mold Risk

Any time that you allow a wet surface in your building to sit without being dried, cleaned or replaced, you are opening your property up to such issues as black water contamination or mold growth, both of which can snowball into other complications. These could include rotted wood or the spread of fungal colonies to other indoor surfaces. Quickly addressing wetness from the pipe burst is crucial in order to avoid such nightmares.

3. Water Can Lead to Damage

Even if your wood does not look discolored or seem to be growing mold, the water that it has sustained can lead to destruction that is beyond repair. You do not want to derail your daily work life by losing your sturdy flooring; always take the safest route by quickly putting a cleanup plan into place.

How To Approach Cleaning

The best method for cleaning your wood floor after a pipe burst is getting help from water damage specialists in your area. They understand what liquid can do to your investment, and will make every effort to dry and preserve anything that can be salvaged. They also will be able to mitigate potential mold infestation issues. Do not leave the situation to chance — contact emergency professionals so you can get back to your professional life.

4 Reasons To Replace Polybutylene Pipes

6/18/2018 (Permalink)

Over the years, supply pipes have been made out of a variety of materials, ranging from more costly copper and galvanized steel to polybutylene plastic. Poly pipes are not recommended for new plumbing installations because oxidants in treated water degrade this material over time. Here are four reasons to replace poly pipes with more durable materials.

1. Public water supply treatment chemicals break down poly pipes over time. Antibacterial agents and chlorine wear away poly pipes. This pipe material may become brittle and start to crack, break, or flake. Poly pipes are particularly vulnerable at fittings. If the structure of these pipes breaks down, exposure to chemicals or water damage can be likely consequences.

2. Degrading pipe materials may leach chemicals into water and adversely affect its quality. Poly pipes that are breaking down can expose occupants to chemical substances. Leaks also become more of a risk. This is a major reason many commercial property owners invest in replacing plumbing rather than waiting to see how long poly pipes will last.

3. Polybutylene pipes cannot be exchanged or repaired. You may prefer metal pipes or plastic pipes made out of different materials. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC piping can be a safer alternative. You might also consider a chlorinated version of this material referred to as CPVC.

4. Most North American building codes now rule out poly pipes for new or existing structures. You should make sure that the plumbing system in your commercial property is up to code.

Pipes made out of different materials age in different ways. Polybutylene piping was used between the 1970s and mid-1990s because it is cheap and easy to install, but unfortunately it hasn't withstood the test of time. You should arrange to have new plumbing installed if the pipes in your property in Danbury, CT, are breaking down. If you are dealing with water damage, you should also contact a commercial restoration service.

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My Roof Has Been Damaged by Fire - What Do I Do Next?

5/23/2018 (Permalink)

If your building in Danbury, CT, has caught on fire, there is a good chance that the building itself, along with your belongings, has been damaged not only by fire, but by water used to extinguish the fire, as well as smoke. The roof may be damaged by fire, or firefighters may have cut holes in the roof to allow for ventilation. Recovery from a fire and fire cleanup may be unpleasant and tedious, but the following steps will guide you in completing the task and enable you to return to normal business as soon as possible.

1. Report a claim for fire damage to your insurance company.

Your insurance company can be a valuable resource during the fire cleanup process. The insurance agent or claims representative will document details of the loss and tell you what is covered under your insurance policy. Your insurance company can also make recommendations for roof repair or tarp services.

2. Enter a fire-damaged building only after you are advised it is safe to do so.

Pieces from a damaged roof can fall and cause injury. Fires can also reignite, causing more damage. At the time of the fire, the fire department determined if the water, gas and electric utilities were safe to use and had them disconnected if they were unsafe. You should not try to reconnect the utilities yourself. Follow any instructions the fire department gives you about going back into the building.

3. Contact a fire restoration service to secure the building.

To prevent further damage, a fire restoration service can come to your building, board up windows and place a tarp on the roof. The last thing you would want is for rain or wind to cause further damage to your building. A tarp on the roof goes a long way toward preventing additional damage.

A building fire in Danbury, CT, can be a devastating loss, but taking the appropriate steps for fire cleanup and recovery can save you time and money. This can help your business return to normal in a reasonable amount of time.

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Mitigation VS. Restoration: What You Need To Know

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Flood Damage clean up in Danbury CT

The best way to prepare yourself and your business premises in Danbury CT, for disasters and disaster cleanup is to know what you’re up against in terms of work that needs to be done. When it comes to cleanup, that usually means knowing the difference between mitigation and restoration. The basic facts you should always keep in mind are that:

• Mitigation comes first, and can be very quick
• Restoration follows mitigation, and can be lengthy
• Both are necessary in order to get your business back in order after a flood, fire or other disaster, and should be performed by a professional flood cleanup company


When you call up your flood cleanup company to take care of an issue, they’ll typically perform a few mitigation measures before getting to work on cleanup. Mitigation efforts are meant to prevent further damage and loss from occurring due to the existing threat, thus increasing the overall amount of work that needs to be done during the restoration itself. When dealing with flooding, this often means removing affected furniture from a home and drying out carpets and rugs to prevent them from damaging your subflooring. This is typically the quickest part of a cleanup project.


After mitigation is done, it’s time for restoration. Restoration is performed on items that could not be saved by mitigation efforts, and items that were damaged before the restoration company arrived. This step is often much larger and much lengtheir, and may involve the complete replacement of floors, roofs, walls and other portions of your business that have been too damaged to save.

Knowing the difference between these two services is crucial, especially when it comes to submitting insurance claims and dealing with the financial aftermath. Your flood cleanup company can often offer more information on the subject, and explain its mitigation techniques and restoration times in a more in-depth manner if needed.

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Break Room Fires

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The break room is a hub at the office. It can be a place to pass light conversation with coworkers over coffee and a place of contention over burned popcorn. Like many community rooms, this room tends to get more use and abuse than a normal kitchen. Employees aren’t always respectful of the equipment or offensive odors their food might create, and cleaning is often subpar. These things alone can lead to some rather offensive smells emanating from the area, but there may be more serious problems as well.

Break Room Fires

Break room fires are not uncommon. If you consider the appliances present in most common areas, this should not be much of a surprise. Even a small fire can leave smoke damage and other bad smells like burned popcorn. Here are some ways to reduce the likelihood of a fire:

• Provide outlets with overcurrent protection
• Avoid hot plates and open flames
• Don’t use extension cords for appliances
• Regularly clean and dust appliance areas


An office building or retail space is the first impression many clients and customers have of your business. You want it to always smell fresh and clean. Bad odors can be frustrating for employees and clientele alike. Don’t let the smell of burned popcorn ruin a productive day. These odors can permeate a building and sink into furniture and walls.

Break room smells aren’t the only offensive odors in your building. Mold, a failed refrigerator or a dead animal in the wall can all make a space inhospitable. For some of these, a professional's special equipment is needed to get to the root of the problem.

If your office building or retail store is getting a little stinky and you can’t seem to alleviate the problem, it might be time to call in the professionals. Smoke cleanup and building deodorization specialists in Germantown, CT, can help get your office back to looking fresh and clean so visitors stay content and employees can better focus on their work.

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What Not To Do After a Pipe Breaks

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Panic: It's the one thing that business owners around Danbury, CT need to stop doing when they see bursting pipes on their property. That doesn't mean that you should take it easy if you have water damage in Danbury. Wet conditions are the precursors to all kinds of nasty problems, including:

Black mold
• Unpleasant smells
• Rotting material

Don’t Put Off Cleanup

Act quickly to reduce your risk of falling prey to these persistent undesirables. If there's even a sliver of a doubt regarding the completeness of your cleanup and drying processes, take a second or third look at your site to prevent these issues.

Don’t Forget to Check Everywhere

Unfortunately, black mold is one of the trademark issues with flooded buildings. Even after you fix a broken pipe and dry up the area, this mold can pop up seemingly out of nowhere. The issue with black mold is that it requires very little moisture to propagate its spores and create massive toxic colonies. Bursting pipes spray, drip and soak, creating a larger footprint than you might imagine. All affected materials should be removed to avoid mold. It is also prudent to dry any crawlspaces or wall cavities thoroughly, by cutting ventilation holes if necessary. Most good water cleanup companies will know just how much needs to be done to get you back to business as usual.

Don’t Ignore Odors

The issues surrounding most secondary water problems pale in comparison to the health hazards and persistence of black mold. Nasty smells can be just as damaging to businesses, however: driving away customers and making workers uncomfortable or unhappy. Rotting material, apart from producing odor, also provides habitats for pests and potentially weakens your building's structure.

The bottom line is that it's better to get your water issues cleaned up as soon as you have a chance. Secondary damage from bursting pipes is costly, both in terms of cleanup invoices and diminished stakeholder confidence.
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Do you Own Commercial Property? Here’s what you should know About Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

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Do you Own Commercial Property? Here’s what you should know About Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Commercial fire damage is an accident that could easily happen to anyone that runs a business. Regardless of the extent of the fire damage, it is advisable to look for fire restoration services. The possibility is quite high that once an electrical fire hits your business premises, there will be fire, smoke, and soot damage. This could eventually lead to massive structural damage. Moreover, water damage is inevitable because the firefighters fire suppression attempts are done with water from a fire truck. The water goes through a fire hose to put out the fire.

Commercial fire damage ought to be looked into immediately because delays could lead to secondary damages. Extensive fire damage results to sky high fire restoration costs. Anything to do with a fire disaster requires immediate response. This is also the reason why firefighters across the world respond quickly with a fire truck ready with all the necessary equipment such as a fire hose for successful fire suppression.

In case of an electrical fire, the fire restoration experts you call should be highly skilled to avoid further damages. They should also have an extensive experience in appropriate methods of the restoration process in the best way possible. The fire restoration is a crucial process after commercial fire damage and they require expert care. Firefighters are the first people at the scene after a fire breaks out. With the help of their fire trucks and fire hoses, they are able to carry out the fire suppression successfully.

After the successful fire suppression, hidden fire-related damages must be handled. These mostly include smoke damage and soot damage. Soot damage can pose serious danger to your commercial property while the smoke damage tarnishes the building’s surfaces. The restoration company experts should come up with the necessary equipment to deal with the smoke and soot damage in your property.

Fire damage on your property can be minimized a great deal by installing a fire sprinkler system. This is especially advisable for utility rooms to have you prepared in case of a utility room fire. If important items on your property are damaged by a utility room fire, the results can be devastating. That is why experts advise business owners to install a fire sprinkler system to prevent grievous outcomes from a utility room fire incident. The fire sprinkler system delivers the water through a fire hose to put off any utility room fire.

The general process for restoring your commercial property to excellent shape after a fire damage follows similar steps regardless of the cause of the fire. It does not matter whether the fire and smoke damage resulted from an electrical fire or a utility room fire. To restore your premises, you will need to follow the steps below:

I. Emergency contact
Most restoration companies are available 24/7. In case of a fire damage, you can call the skilled professionals who respond as soon as possible to remedy the fire and smoke damage.

II. Fire damage inspection
Qualified professionals examine your home to determine the damaged areas. After identifying them, the experts choose the right strategy and begin the restoration process immediately.

III. Water removal and drying
After firefighters suppress a fire with water obtained from the fire truck or a fire sprinkler system puts the fire out, water damage is bound to occur on your property. It is the duty of the restoration company to remove and dry the water.

IV. Smoke and soot elimination from the surfaces
The ceilings, walls, and windows may have smoke and soot damage after a fire incidence and it is crucial to eliminate these damages.

V. Cleaning and deodorization
After an electrical fire, a foul odor is left behind. The smell can be eliminated through air scrubbing equipment and deodorization.

VI. Restoration
This step involves repairs, and if the damage is immense, renovation.
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Commercial Fire Damage Services

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SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield takes pride in assisting building owners and property managers in cleanup efforts are a fire or water damage emergency. Whether you sustain a fire or water damage, SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield stands ready to help businesses affected get back operational as quickly as possible. There's never a convenient time for fire or water damage to strike your business. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we'll be there fast with the help you need. 

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, as many as one in four businesses that suffer some kind of major disaster do not reopen afterward. It’s true, overcoming a major loss is extremely difficult, but with the right restoration company and team on your side, working hand-in-hand with your insurance company, the chance of your company surviving is pretty high!

Depending on the size of the fire, and the amount of damage, some businesses that have hired SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield for help have reopened just days after the fire happened. Thanks to innovations in smoke odor removal, fire damage restoration, and cleaning in general, it is possible for crews to start working shortly after the fire department clears the scene, and have things back up and running. Although, again, that all depends on the severity of the fire. But no matter the severity, recovery is possible!

Commercial Duct Systems- Out of Sight, Out of Mind

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Dirty Return Ductwork in a Commercial Property

Ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality. Make it a priority to inspect the ductwork of your home or business.

If your HVAC has been operating for some time without attention, it could be circulating one or more of the following:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Odors
  • Dirt and debris
  • Other contaminants

SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield Professionals routinely inspect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC).  Keeping them clean can extend the life of the equipment. This can in turn save you money and give you cleaner air to breathe.

Indoor air quality, inefficient air filtration and ductwork leaks can all result in dust entering the duct system. This dust can accumulate to the point that it starts to break off and re-enter your air. When this happens, you may notice your workspaces become dusty faster.

High humidity in the building or water leaking into the ducts provides the moisture needed for mold to develop. Mold in the ductwork releases tiny spores that will end up circulating through your whole building. In addition to aggravating allergies and asthma, exposure to mold spores can increases risk of upper respiratory infection.

Pest infestations are another reason to SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield professionally clean your duct system. It's not uncommon for mice, squirrels, bees, and other pests to find their way into a duct system. Once inside, they leave behind nesting material, hair, and dead insects. Particles of these are then blown out into your rooms.

However, duct cleaning is not always necessary. At least once every three or four years, have your duct system professionally inspected to check if it's due for a cleaning. We will make recommendations about the best way to address any indoor air quality concerns. This can save you money and provide peace of mind on the health of your system.

The benefits of servicing your HVAC unit include:

  • Helps to restore peak energy efficiency.
  • May help to eliminate offensive odors.
  • Helps reduce the potential for mold growth.

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Reducing Business Interruption After a Disaster

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Fire Extinguisher Powder After a Small Fire

Did you know that SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield has a dedicated team to handle commercial emergencies? Fire damage is especially devastating for a business or commercial property. In addition to the fire and smoke damage, significant water damage from firefighting efforts and fire suppression systems may occur. Every hour spent restoring your business back to pre-fire condition is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. If your business experiences a fire loss, call the fire and water damage restoration experts and we’ll respond immediately to get you back to business. 

Our commercial response team has the experience and knowledge to help guide our client through the claims process, while performing services around the clock if necessary to bring the business back to operational status as quickly as possible. Even a small fire can shut your business down for several days or weeks if not taken care of properly. Contact SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield today for an appointment for a free assessment and Emergency Ready Profile

As many as 50% of businesses close down following a disaster, according to the latest research. Of the businesses that survive, the overwhelming majority of them had a preparedness plan in place. Pre-planning can serve as an insurance policy aimed at peace of mind. And knowing you are "Ready for whatever happens" speaks trust to your clients and employees that in the event your business is affected by a disaster, they don’t necessarily have to be.

By developing a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile for your business, you minimize business interruption by having an immediate plan of action. Knowing what to do and what to expect in advance is the key to timely mitigation and can help minimize how water and fire damage can affect your business

Commercial Flood Damage in Danbury, CT

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Flooding and water damage events at Fairfield County commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility. We take immediate action to help minimize business interruption and prevent any secondary damages.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

Damaged Documents in Your Commercial Property?

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It can be overwhelming when unexpected fire or water damage affects your school, business, home, or facility. It is important to first make sure everyone is safe when a disaster happens. Once safety is insured and the damage is done….it’s time to assess and work towards restoring the property.


When it comes to assessing damage, some of the most valuable items may just be documents, photos, or books. These items aren’t always lost, we can help. Document Restoration is another service SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield can provide.

The SERVPRO® Document Restoration Facility Offers:

  • Innovation: we use the latest vacuum freeze-drying method, as well as gamma irradiation technology for sterilizing
  • Secure: managed by HIPPA Master-certified technicians, under 24/7 surveillance
  • Digital: we use a computerized inventory system for digitizing your documents
  • Flexible capacity - we can accommodate large commercial losses or small residential jobs
  • Full Service: we offer a range of services including drying, cleaning/disinfecting, re-jacketing, digitizing, and deodorization

If you or your facility is in need of Document restoration services please contact us today and we would be happy to help you restore your valuable documents.

Flood Damage in Danbury, CT Businesses

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During a flood, it isn't just the roads and homes that are overcome with excess water in the area. Businesses, factories, clinics, hospitals, schools and everything in between can find themselves soaked with brackish water, as well. No building is immune to flooding. Depending on the kind of business you're engaged in will determine what kind of losses your business will have.
Danbury, CT area companies that need commercial flood damage restoration and repairs can return to normal only after the flood waters have receded, the damaged interiors are repaired, and then sanitized. Pathogens found in flood water, and then left behind on soft and hard surfaces, can be extremely harmful to human health. Businesses in the services industry can find themselves without the end-user items needed to carry out day-to-day operations. Retail operations can return after a flood to discover their inventory is not only water-logged, but covered in sediment and jumbled up.

Clinics and hospitals have patients to care for, as well as the items required for providing that care. In addition, there is also the federal requirement for safe record keeping of patient files. Restaurants will need to ensure that all food in jars, cans, and boxes have been disposed of to protect patrons' health. Kitchen equipment will need to be cleaned and sanitized. Flood waters can wipe out much of this, but we can help with the restoration process. Removing silt can be tedious but must be done to remove hidden pathogens and also the destructive grit that would ruin many pieces of equipment, regardless of the type of business.

When you've had a flood and need commercial flood damage assistance, call us at SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield (203)-791-0920.

Emergency Readiness- How Ready Are You?

8/29/2016 (Permalink)

For a property owner, a worst-case disaster scenario involving fire or water damage can seem unthinkable and then suddenly become a reality. In the aftermath of a disaster, quick response time by a disaster recovery and restoration specialist can help minimize property damage as well as inventory or home contents loss. To provide home and business owners with a quick and convenient way to call in the experts when disaster strikes, SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield has the SERVPRO Ready Plan Mobile Application. In the confusion and panic that often surround a disaster, a property owner or manager can reach out for expert help right from the scene, using their cell phones."

Our “ERP” application allows both residential and commercial property managers and owners to create an Emergency Ready Profile that contains critical facility information that can help speed up response time after fire or water damage occurs. In addition to property details, the application tracks prior loss history, utility shut off locations, and key contacts; stores photos of the damage; and integrates local weather forecasts and more, including the address and contact information for our franchise.

Through the application, the user can quickly call SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield or submit an electronic "First Notice of Loss" (FNOL), setting the wheels of recovery in motion. Rapid response from a disaster cleanup and restoration specialist can help the property owner evaluate options, start the insurance process and take the right steps from the beginning to bring their property back to normal, "Like it never even happened."

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Warning Signs of a Possible Electrical Fire

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Small office buildings, apartment buildings,restaurants, hotel/motels, manufacturing and industrial plants and small retailstores are all commercial establishments that people frequent on a regular basis.These codes are designed to ensure these buildings are safe for employees, customers and other visitors to occupy. Even though some buildings do meet these standards, problems can still occur at one point in time. One of the most notable involves electrical fires. In fact, electrical fires can cause quite a bit of fire damage if it is not caught in time. So, for those of you who own or rent these types of commercial structures, here are some symptoms of an electrical fire that need to be recognized in order to minimize the damage. 
Circuit breaker problems 
Circuit breakers are usually located in a business where they are relatively easy to find, especially in case they are tripped by an electrical overload. Therefore, if a problem with a fire damage issue does exist, the owner or one of their employees can shut the circuit breaker off. It is important to note, however, if the problem occurs occasionally, it normally indicates that it is a simple problem and nothing major is happening. On the other hand, if someone has to go to the circuit breaker frequently to cut it off, there could be a major problem that will require service from a professional in this industry. 
Hot ceiling fixtures 
The owner and their representatives should always take a little time out to check out the areas around the light fixtures in the ceiling to see how warm they are getting. If the person feels too much heat, there could be exposure to a fire hazard. 

Flickering lights 

Another common symptom of a potential fire hazard is flickering lights. If the light flickering cannot be tracked back to the light bulb, it is essential to call a professional in for a diagnosis. 
Problems with the circuit breaker, hot ceiling fixtures, and flickering lights are only a few symptoms that indicate that there is a possible fire hazard. So, it is best to pay close attention to prevent or minimize the fire damage. In some situations, you may have to deal with the aftermath of an electrical fire in the building. When this occurs, you should always contact someone who works with fire damage restoration to help get things back and in order. Because we at SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield have the expertise and knowledge needed to help commercial owners with these problems, you can contact our office at 203-791-0920.

Disaster Recovery Drying Trailer

8/10/2014 (Permalink)

Dehumidifier trailer for large water losses.

SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield is excited to announce the addition of a desiccant dehumidification-drying trailer to our fleet. This dehumidification trailer can handle large residential and commercial water losses. With low specific humidity this unit is able to dry faster than conventional dehumificiation equipment, reducing downtime and reconstruction costs. 

Bethel High School

10/11/2013 (Permalink)

On 10/9/2013 SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield responded to an odor issue in the center of the building. SERVPRO technicians worked quickly to setup equipment to allow for school the following day. The odor was eliminated and school resumed the following day.