Water Damage Photo Gallery

Family room with ceiling and floor removed with water extraction equipment

Water Damage to New Canaan Room Gets Fast Action

Water damage hit this family room in New Canaan hard affecting both the ceiling and floor. SERVPRO techs removed the damaged ceiling portion, including the fiberglass insulation for possible cleaning and reuse. The equipment shown is a pump for water extraction.

Basement Mitigation

This is the aftermath of a basement after a pipe break.  There was drywall damage along with some flooring damage.  SERVPRO rebuilt this basement ceiling and cleaned the flooring from debris.  Contact us for your construction needs. 

Post Mitigation in Living Room

After a water loss in this Danbury CT home, SERVPRO responded immediately to begin mitigation.  They provide assistance in cleaning and rebuilding your home or business back to normal conditions after any type of water, storm, mold, or fire emergency. 

Garage Mitigation

After a severe storm this garage suffered from a water loss. SERVPRO responded immediately to begin mitigation.  The ceiling was damaged and water was coming from the opening.  The team used air movers to dry the garage floors. 

Garage Water Loss

This garage suffered from a water loss.  SERVPRO responded and cleared all content from the garage. They used professional drying equipment to dry belongings and the area.  They cut out drywall and replaced areas that were damaged. 

Bedroom Water Loss

This bedroom suffered from a water loss.  The carpet had significant amount of water in the carpet.  SERVPRO responded and bean clean up procedures.  The flood cuts were performed to remove drywall and used air movers to dry quickly.

Drying a Water Damaged Basement in Ridgefield, CT

This picture is from a water damaged basement in Ridgefield, CT. The basement had an elevated flooring system allowing water to travel underneath it and affected the cavity below. SERVPRO technicians pulled back the carpeting to access the flooring system below. A cavity drying system was installed to push warm, dry air into the cavity to help dry the affected area. The SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield team has the training, knowledge and equipment required to dry even in special circumstances.

Commercial Water Damage in Newtown, CT

SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield strives to have the latest technology when it comes to water damage restoration. By utilizing our extensive training and technology available we are able to restore vs. replace routinely. Pictured here is our Injectidry wall drying system which can be setup to either inject dry air into a affected wall cavity or setup to create negative pressure inside the wall cavity to draw the moisture out. Utilizing this technology in an office building in Newtown, CT we were able to save the walls reducing business interruption for the client.

Roof Collapse Causing Water Damage in Danbury, CT

This photo is from a loss in Danbury, CT where a tree fell on the house, causing significant roof damage. Following a rainstorm water infiltrated the residence causing further damage. It is crucial that when your roof is compromised, even slightly, to have it addressed to prevent further damage. SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield provides roof tarping and board-up services to help reduce any secondary damage.

Heavy Extraction Due to Water Damage in Wilton, CT

SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield has several different extraction machines that we can employ during a water damage situation. We have a combination of truck-mounted and portable flood extractors, capable of removing a significant volume of water. Here we utilized a truck-mounted extraction machine and a weighted tool to remove over 300 gallons of water from the carpet and padding.

Water Damage in Danbury CT

SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield is equipped to handle small and large scale water damage emergencies in the greater Fairfield County area. With the experience, manpower and equipment we will get this water damaged home dry and back to normal quickly. Trust the team of professionals at SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield to handle your water or fire damage emergency. Contact us directly at 203-791-0920.

SERVPRO Generators

SERVPRO of Danbury/Ridgefield has two diesel generators in our Danbury warehouse available for large scale drying projects or to provide temporary power during a storm situation. If you need our services please contact our office at 203-791-0920.